How to Lubricate Treadmill Belt ( Step-by-Step Guide )

How to Lubricate Treadmill Belt
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A well-lubricated treadmill belt can help reduce energy consumption by up to 30%, according to the study of European Treadmill Desk.

Good news is, this article will let you cover everything regarding how to lubricate treadmill belt by following some easy steps.

As you know, Treadmill belt is the lifeline of your workout. So it’s important to make sure they’re working at peak efficiency.

Treadmill is a great way to stay in shape, but if the belt isn’t properly lubricated, it can cause the machine to overheat and break down.

Warning: if you don’t lubricate your treadmill belt on time, then maybe you have to go for replacing treadmill belt. Which will cost you more than treadmill lubrication.

Now, without wasting any time. Follow the below guide if you run a treadmill often and have problems with slipping belts. 

Let’s start!

Tools Required For Lubricating Treadmill Belt

Tools Required For Lubricating Treadmill Belt
Required Tools For Lubricating Treadmill Belt

As It’s impossible to win a war without weapons, same like that here are some tools you need to have for treadmill belt lubrication. These tools will also be helpful in tightening a treadmill belt.

1. Treadmill belt lubricant: This can be purchased at most sporting goods stores or online.

2. Treadmill mat: This will help protect your floor from any spills during the process.

3. Lint-free cloth: This will be used to wipe down the treadmill belt after applying the lubricant.

4. Vacuum cleaner with hose attachment: This will be used to clean up any excess lubricant before starting the treadmill back up again.

5. Phillips head screwdriver: This will remove the covers on the deck (the part of the treadmill that the belt runs over).

Now, let’s move towards the process of lubrication for treadmill belt.

Here Is How To Lubricate Treadmill Belt In Just 5 Steps

It’s important to lubricate a treadmill belt, if you want it to be in good working condition. So, follow these steps and start the treadmill lubrication process.

1. Unplug Your Treadmill

Unplug the treadmill from the power source and remove any objects from the treadmill’s surface.

2. Wipe Off The Tread Belt

Use lint-free cloth to wipe down the entire length of the tread belt. This will remove any dirt or debris that could interfere with the lubricant.

3.  Apply Lubricant

Apply a thin layer of lubricant to the surface of the tread belt. You can use a commercial treadmill lubricant or a household oil such as WD-40.

4. Wipe Off Again

Again use lint-free cloth to remove any excess lubricant from the surface of the tread belt.

5. Plug It Back 

Plug the treadmill back into the power source and test it out by walking on it for a few minutes.

To get more understanding about how to lubricate treadmill belt, you can watch this video.

Congratulations, you have successfully lubricated your treadmill belt. Moreover, if you wanna know the importance of treadmill belt lubrication. Then, continue reading!

Why Is It Important To Lubricate A Treadmill Regularly

Why Is It Important To Lubricate A Treadmill Regularly
Yes, It’s That Important

If you’ve ever worked out on a treadmill, you know it’s important to have a smooth, level surface. Otherwise, your shoes can slip, and your feet can get caught in the treads. 

A properly lubricated treadmill belt will minimize friction and help keep your machine running smoothly.You can strive for a more comfortable workout by regularly lubricating your treadmill.

Lubricating treadmill belt is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. You’ll need to do it every few months or more often if you use your machine frequently.

It’s important to use the right type of lubricant, many people mistake using cheap treadmill cleaners, which can damage the belt.

Most experts agree that running equipment should be oiled once every six months or whenever it becomes significantly high.

How To Determine Your Treadmill Belt Needs Lubrication

How To Determine Your Treadmill Belt Needs Lubrication
How To Determine Your Treadmill Belt Needs Lubrication

Here are some points to check for determining your treadmill belt needs lubrication or not:

  • Check the manufacturer’s recommendations. Some manufacturers recommend lubricating your treadmill belt every few months, while others recommend it more or less often.
  • Listen for unusual noise. If your treadmill makes more noise than usual, it could signal that the belt needs lubrication.
  • Look for signs of wear and tear. If the belt looks worn or frayed, it’s probably time for some lubrication.
  • Feel for increased resistance when walking or running. If the belt feels tighter than usual or you have to work harder to keep your pace, lubrication may help.
  • Check the deck for wear and tear. If the deck is showing signs of wear (cracks, unevenness, etc.), it’s important to lubricate the belt to prevent further damage.

Some Important Tips for Lubricate Treadmills Effectively

Lubricating a treadmill is not only an important part of maintaining your treadmill. It is also one of the most important steps to keep your treadmill in good condition.

You need to do this regularly so your belt will not get damaged and will last longer.

  • First, you should clean the belt thoroughly with warm water and detergent before applying any lubricant. 
  • The second thing you must remember is not to use too much lubricant on your treadmill belt. It can damage your treadmill belt quickly and make it unusable for a long time.
  • You should also ensure your treadmill belt is properly tightened before using it. If there is any looseness in this area, it will cause wobbling or wobble during running, which can be very dangerous for your health and fitness goals.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding How To Lubricate Treadmill Belt

Below are some of the most common questions we got asked about treadmill belt lubrication.

Can You Use Wd40 For Lubing Treadmill Belt?

Yes, you can use Wd40 for lubing treadmill belt. It’s one of the most efficient lubricants for treadmills, and best to use for lubricating treadmill belts.

Can You Over Lubricate A Treadmill Belt?

No, It’s not recommended to over lubricate a treadmill belt. As you know, treadmill lubrication is an important part of the maintenance process for your treadmill.

However, if you over lubricate your treadmill belt, your belt will slow down and cause problems.

Note: If you found your treadmill belt is not working well after lubrication. Then, it’s recommended to replace it by getting help from our guide on how to replace treadmill belt.

What Kind Of Lubricants For Treadmills Are Best To use?

Many different types of lubricants can be used on a treadmill belt. Some work better than others, depending on what you want to use them for.

You should always test out each type before applying it to your treadmill belt to ensure it will work as expected.

Should You Lubricate A New Treadmill Belt?

Yes, you should always lubricate a new treadmill belt before you use it to prevent any problems down the road.

Not only does it help extend the average life of treadmill, but it also helps prevent damage from occurring, which could cause serious injury or worse!

How Many Lubricants Do Treadmill Belts Need?

The answer to this question is quite simple. The amount of lubricants a treadmill belt needs depends on the type of belt you have and how often you use it.

For example, if your treadmill has a 5-ply belt, every 500 hours of use would require a new belt. However, if your treadmill has a 10-ply belt, every 500 hours would require 3 new belts.


Proper maintenance and lubrication of your treadmill belt are essential to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your machine.

By following the simple steps outlined in this guide regarding how to lubricate a treadmill belt, you can easily lubricate your treadmill belt and keep it in good condition.

Remember to use the recommended lubricant and to apply it at the right intervals to avoid damaging your machine.

With regular maintenance, you can enjoy a smooth and quiet workout experience for years to come. So, keep your treadmill running smoothly by giving it the care it deserves.

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